No more lip grip

Easily make your own hook remover – Pike Releaser

20180408_165421Is there a more beautiful feeling than it cares on a fly that I have done myself. At the site of the plot it has been thought out how the flies will move seductively in the water and what color the flies should have. I have shown in previous blog posts how I design my pikeflies and how I think about coloring, etc. Against this background, I began to think of the absurd thing that happens when the pike strikes and you have drilled the fish. In that case, at least I have always have the biggest and longest pliers I have to unload the pikefly out the gaps, often the flies that I tied so carefully are totally massacred by the jaws of the tongue, or bend the hook to irkability. I think there should be a better way to unload the pikefly.

20180408_133320From thought to action

When the winter held the old Svea kingdom in the hardest grip, I went out into the garage and made this as ingenious as simple hook remover I had baptized to Pike Releaser. I have now tested it in a sharp condition and, to my delight, it worked just as I thought. I have divided an elongated pipe (length 30 cm) and rounded and narrowed off the edges at one end, where I have then made a small jacket that the hook should be steered into.

20180408_165514It is important that the wireleader is properly stretched in the muzzle before the fly with a distinct jerk is loosened from its attachment in the gorge. With advantage, you can hold the wireleader and bring down the Pike Releaser until it stops the hook bend. If the fly is in the gill arch, you can press the fly through the gill arch and remove the fly from the ”bet lock”, leaving the fly through the gill arch on the backside.

20180408_165043Yes, it is not difficult, I’m convinced that this simple ”invention” will save many hours of work when you tying your flies. One of the benefits of Pike Releaser is that you do not have to lift the pike out of the water if you choose to let go of the fish again, you will save the fly from unnecessary damage and last but not least, the fish will be damaged minimized.

While holding the wireleeder when the pike is next to one, you can catch the fish in the grip, then you can hold the wireleeder with one hand, it’s even easier to remove the fly if you make the fly barbeless. If you mention any disadvantage, it will be more difficult if the manure fly has a stinger hook at the back, then you can loosen one hook at a time, but it becomes even more bendy than if the fly only has one hook.

To easily access your Pike Releaser, you can drill a hole at the end that will not loosen the fly and either attach a hoovetmagnet or a pin on real, the advantage of the latter is that you risk losing Pike Releaser.


20180408_173339I have the greatest respect for big hooks and have had to visit the health center a couple of years ago when a big hook badly bore deep into my thumb, but I can write this story another time. Since then I have had a lipgrip with me, especially for the smaller pike that I often feel more eager in their jokingly and because they do not weigh so much they do not hurt just as if you were to lift a larger pike in lip grip but hereinafter the lip grip stay home for now I have instead a Pike Releaser!



It is as usual to emphasize that these are my personal thoughts and reflections that have emerged after years of fishing, testing new methods or solutions.

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